Pension Peters

Pension Peters

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find some frequently asked questions. If you have an extra one, please don´t hesitate to write us an e-mail.


Do you give a price reduction for groups?
Yes! From 20 persons (10 doubles) we offer a reduction of 12%.


How do we pay?
You pay before leaving us without any extra costs in cash or with a european pay-card. But if you want to pay your bill with a creditcard (VISA, Mastercards) we charge your bill with an extra fee of 3,9%.


When is Check-In and Check-out time?
: You may arrive at the Pension from 8 am onwards until 8pm (depending on season). If your room should not yet be available, you may of course leave your luggage. Above that we invite all our guests arriving before 10 am for breakfast for free.

Please let us know, when you will be arriving very late. Then we will tell you where you are going to receive the keys and how you get to your room.

Check-Out: You should leave your room before 11am. If you need to stay longer in your room, please tell us. We will see, what we can do for you. If departing from Berlin in the afternoon or evening, you may of course leave your luggage at the reception until 8pm.


Do you sell tickets for the public transports?
Yes, but only day- or grouptickets.

You get the famous „Berlin Welcome Card“ at the Tourist information in a walking distance of about 5 minutes. More informations about the „Welcome-Card“ look at

When arriving at the station or at the airport early in the morning buy yourself a day- or groupticket. So you save money for the trip to the Pension, and after arriving there you can continue to discover the city without any hesitation.


Can we park our car?
Parking on the streets costs Euro 1/hour from 9 am to 10pm. It is not always easy to find a free parkinglot. More easy is to get a parking-place in the near garage (ca. 2 minutes to walk from the Pension). Here 24 hours are 10 Euro.


Is your hotel a non-smoker hotel?
Yes!!!! Smoking is absolutely forbidden in the entire house. There are very sensitive smoke-detectors in all our rooms. If fire alarm is activated through smoking, the fire brigade will charge the room where the alarm activated with Euro 1000. But even if the brigade is not coming, we will charge the smoking room with € 30 for extra cleaning of madresses, carpets and curtains.

So please: if you like to smoke, go out to the street in front of the house or the garden, where you find places to sit and ashtrays.


May we stay with our pets?
But sure - unless you are pretty sure that your pet will bark or cry when you are not there. Also we can't allow your animal to accompany you in the morning to the breakfastroom out of respect to the other guests. For extra cleaning of the room, we charge you 10 Euro - no matter how long you stay with your darling with us.


Do you have an internet access in the hotel?
Yes! Ask us for a Wi-Fi access to the Internet after your arrival . We will register you and then give you your login details, that you may use FOR ONE DEVICE (computer or smart phone) free of charge for 7 days. If you lose this access or need another one for an additional device, we will charge you with 2 euros.
Behind the reception we have a guest computer that you
may use for free during the opening hours of the reception. From here you can also make printouts. The first 4 prints are free from the 5th print onwards we charge 10 cents/print.


When is breakfast being served?
The ordinary breakfast-time is from 7:30 to 10 am. If youlet us knoe the evening before, we are even able to serve the breakfast already at 7 am. And in the case you are working during the night, we serve your breakfast even in the afternoon.


Can we buy some drinks here in the Pension?
During daytime until we close the reception in the evening you are always invited for free tea or coffee. During this time you may also buy one bottle (0,75l) light sparkling mineral water. All the other drinks you will get in the shops and bars near the Pension.


What about laundry?
Unfortunately we don´t have a laundry in the Pension. But if you like a walk of about 20 minutes you will find a modern laundry salon, that is opened every day from 6 am to 10pm.