Pension Peters

Pension Peters


To get your day off to an optimal start; breakfast begins with our environmentally friendly philosophy. As far as possible, we refrain from serving items which are individually packaged. We serve organic fair trade coffee and at least one of the teas is an organic and a fair trade product. Every morning you will find a notice next to the buffet, with information regarding which products are organically grown. If you have special dietary restrictions, please inform us when you book the reservation. We are happy to accommodate your wishes and offer you a gluten and or lactose free breakfast.

  • breakfastingredients

    coffee*, tea, milk chocolate, orange-juice, yoghurt, müsli, cornflakes, fruits, scrambled eggs**, sweet peppar, cucumbers, tomatoes, German bread (grey and black), Scandinavian Knäckebröd, rolls, butter, liver pate, melted cheese, Phildelphia nature or with herbs, 3 kinds of coldcuts and 3 kinds of sliced cheese, different kinds of jam, chocolate-cream and honey.

    * after request even without coffein
    **after request